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Ticket Information: Holiday Social

Thursday, December 10th - TXWA Holiday Social Schedule of Events:

Team Texas High Performance Driving School – 2:00pm – 5:00pm

  • 4 Lap Passenger Ride - After being fitted for a helmet and a Racing Suit, you will be buckled into the passenger seat of a real NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Car. A Professional Driver will take you for a 4 lap ride that will reach speeds of up to 160 mph. The Race Cars will perform maneuvers like drafting, passing and side by side.
  • 10 Lap Driving School - You will attend a 30 minute classroom training session followed by on-track training in a van. We will then put you into a real NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Car with an instructor in the passenger side for 10 laps. Students will be allowed to reach speeds up to 150 mph in this program. Team Texas puts up to 12 cars on the track at one time and faster students are allowed to pass slower ones. This is the most aggressive beginning NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Car driving program in the country.

Texas Motor Speedway Pace Car Rides – 5:00pm - 6:00pm

  • 3 Lap Pace Car Rides – You will have an informative high speed test drive in a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro Official TMS Pace Car. During the 3 laps you will experience the 27.5 degree banking in the turns as well as driving the grooves in and out of the straightaways. The experience requires no helmet or fire suit, come dressed for dinner and just strap in behind the seatbelt.

Note: The Speedway Club will be available after the race events in order to change into your evening apparel.

Dinner begins at 7:00pm

Looking for Sponsorships?

Sponsorship Opportunity

TXWA Individual Ticket : $125 (per person)
Includes dinner and TMS Pace Car Ride

Purchase Ticket(s)

TXWA Individual Ticket : $100 (per person)
Without TMS Pace Car Ride

Purchase Ticket(s)

TMS 4 Lap Passenger Ride : $150 (per person)

Purchase Ticket(s)

TMS 10 Lap Driving School : $395 (per person)

Purchase Ticket(s)

3 Lap Pace Car Rides : Free with paid dinner ticket

Sponsorship Opportunities are Still Available! Thank you to the following sponsors for leading the pack:

  • American Tower Corporation
  • Xcell
  • Smartlink
  • DigitCom
  • St. Charles Tower
  • Fujitsu Network Communications

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information!

Charitable Proceeds

As in previous years the TXWA Board of Directors and Executive Officers have decided to let the TXWA Members decide where their End of Year Contributions will be donated. Each table will have an opportunity to donate a set amount of funds to one charity of their choice. That organization must be a Non-Profit 501-C3 Charity for the donation to be eligible. In the past this has been a very special way to make sure you have a say on where your TXWA contributions are donated. Enjoy!

Hotel Room Discount

DFW Marriott Hotel & Golf Club
3300 Championship Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas 76177
Room Block for 12/10/15 and 12/11/15
Room Rate $125.00/night
**Refer to Texas State Wireless Association when making reservations, 866-348-3984
Registration Deadline is DECEMBER 3rd Hotel Reservations

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